Virtual Hosting


Collaboration in digital spaces saves time, resources and protects our environment.


For years I have been moderating and hosting all workshop formats virtually. 

For a World Café, an Open Space, 1:1 reflections, Working Out Loud Sessions, team meetings or project consultations, people don't necessarily have to travel to a common place to meet each other well. 


Nevertheless, virtual hosting is an art in itself that requires a lot of preparation and expertise. After all, our attention is maximally demanded in front of the screen. Our concentration decreases by 25%. According to MIT, people need an interaction every 5 minutes to remain actively involved. 


Bottom line: we require a clear common intention, check-ins, many breaks, energizers, group work in breakout sessions, collaborative tools (whiteboard, miro, mural etc.) and checkouts securing results plus extensive documentation. Meanwhile I am teaching "How to convert workshops in the virtual realm?" also in the international area for study leaders, festivals, and further education initiatives.


Would you like to know more about it? Do you want to transfer your formats into digital spaces, do you need moderation or do you want to organize an online event? You are very welcome to contact me.

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