A selection of quotes from my clients and coachees


Thanks to Christine’s knowledge, experience and inspiration, we feel equipped to find creative and adequate solutions for how to move workshops to the virtual realms. 

Kristina Trapp, EAVE, CEO, 2020

"Working with Christine from Change Animal was a new experience for me. I have never done this kind of business mentorship/ leadership coaching before. It came at a crucial time in my life, with a lot of personal and professional changes and of course a global pandemic.
The techniques she employed in our sessions were very useful in terms of developing strategies for growth. They also created an important space to reflect on leadership successes and challenges facing our project, with very useful techniques and approaches to unpack and grow from there. I found the process to be very enlightening and helpful in formulating action plans that will be able to be implemented in our project, and team development processes going forward. This was really helpful. Thank you Christine!!!

Sydelle Willow Smith, Co founder of Sunshine Cinema, Mastercard Enablement Programme, Berlinale Talents 2020

"Christine von Fragstein strengthened us in 2019 with her expertise and charisma in the Lufthansa Core Team at Impact Week in Delhi, India!
It was fantastic to see how she empowered and accompanied the students of the cooperating universities as a team in a very short time.
This resulted in 30 impressive interviews. At the end of the two-week Design Thinking Training the students presented us with a stage-ready film! For me, an absolute highlight!"

Dr. Jens Unger, Initiator Impact Week in the Lufthansa Group


"Christine proved to be a mentor at SOFA School of Film Advancement 2019 and 2020, who was not only perfectly prepared and knew our projects almost by heart, but also very attentive to the history of each participant. The methods used by Christine (Vision Seeking, Disney Method, User Stories, Elevator Pitch, Presentation & Pitching to potential partners) allowed us to understand exactly what stage we are at in the project development and what potential our projects have. Christine is always present, always focused, very constructive and positive and yet very honest. Truly inspiringThis is called professionalism. The result speaks for itself: MEDIA Europe decided to fund Crew United Europe. 

Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, Crew United

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