Christine von Fragstein

Change Animal®
Facilitator and Process Supporter 

for individuals, teams and projects 
in the creative industries

My Mission

“Since 2002, I have developed and launched 15 projects and more than 500 events with partners in the international cultural sector. When it comes to teams and projects, I have pretty much seen and experienced the whole spectrum:


  • Ultimate flow as well as disruption

  • Gold-rush as well as insolvency

  • Bosses that fired and bosses who were fired

  • Projects that got off to a flying start and were met with success, and projects that
    crashed and burned

  • Employees who outgrew themselves and employees who silently eked out an existence

  • Teams that soared to unimagined heights together and teams that blocked themselves 


"Facilitation" means to ease, encourage and embolden and that is exactly my calling.

Through dialogue we can inspire your team and your projects by asking the right questions at the right time, through a change in perspective, by applying creative intervention methods and by distilling existing potential. We embark on a journey of discovery and examine your systems, basic assumptions and clarify new ways in a participatory manner.”


I am a trained Facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen®), Systemic Consultant, and completed my studies at a private business academy as well as postgraduate courses in the fields of cultural management and PR. This path led me from the Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, the Kohtes Klewes agency, and the ifs Cologne to cooperating with renowned companies in the cultural and economic sector, including many years for the Berlinale, DFB Kulturstiftung and FIFA™, Zurich Film Festival, European Capital of Culture Ruhr.2010, ministries as well as artists and production companies in Germany and abroad.

Coach and Corporate Consultant

I advise and coach teams and companies with major projects, challenges or change processes. In particular, companies at the convergence of culture, business and the public-sector benefit from my professional expertise and my competent insight into processes and structures.

I enable true dialogue and change by contributing my many years of project experience with methods and intervention knowledge from systemic consulting, the agile world and facilitation. I use film as an effective tool for reflection among managers and for team processes.

Speaker and Lecturer

In addition, I hold keynote speeches and I’m a lecturer on project developments in Germany and abroad. I am active on a range of boards and committees, among others FBW Wiesbaden and Grimme Institut.

And what else? 

As daughter of bakers and entrepreneurs from Swabia, Southern Germany, I love people and embrace cultural diversity and inclusion in everything I do. I’m a perpetual optimist, launch projects enthusiastically and with great empathy. I am addicted to the arts, films, philosophy, literature and I love sports. I find peace in nature, on the mountains and in animals. I am boldly courageous, a free spirit, and think out of the box.

Above all, I am down to earth, always ready for a creative endeavor, I believe in building communities and, what’s more, I’m autonomous.


Who is Christine von Fragstein?

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