What is Facilitation? 

“A Facilitator has the knowledge and experience to devise individual consultation and processes from inception to implementation. A facilitator gets participants involved. People share what they know because they have more direction and trust than in normal processes. A facilitator preserves the integrity of an organization in difficult phases and knows how to succeed in allowing people to listen to one another and see new opportunities.” 



Facilitare = Ease


Guiding teams and projects with deep appreciation and esteem that makes processes easier, encourages people and emboldens them to draw on potential.

Christine von Fragstein is the Change Animal®. And more.  Whether I am accompanying teams or groups or facilitating large-scale projects tailor-made to your needs and challenges, I choose a specific method from a wide range of options with which we can achieve the most. 


The Change Animal® method that I developed serves to reflect on processes and structures but also on basic assumptions that determine our actions.  The animals represent the different perspectives that are worth adopting in order to act in a clearer, more focused and targeted manner. While developing the Change Animal Method I was inspired by the Appreciative Inquiry approach and the Theory U by Otto Scharmer. About the Change Animal Method.


Here is an overview of some of the facilitative and systemic methods that I like to apply, from A as in Appreciative Inquiry to D for Disney Strategy, to

H as in Hypno-Systemic Coaching. 

I also rely on methodology from the world of agile and creative project management, that connects complex development processes with a high degree of self-responsibility and binding, regular communication in teams. I am a certified Scrum Master and Design Thinking expert. About Agile and Creative Methods.

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