Filmic Reflections


… you want to know how your company culture is being perceived?


… you need an analysis of your company and team processes?


… you would like to offer your managers self-reflection in the form of a potential-oriented interview in front of the camera?


After many years as a film curator and a member of international selection committees and juries,

I now use the medium of film as a tool. Film makes people and processes visible, reveals nuances and atmosphere. Videos offer a rewarding introduction into reworking change processes and can be a great starting point for discussions. In front of the camera, questions and assumptions come to a head and we use the process of filming and being filmed as an effective reflection in management coaching, team processes and documentation. For the production, I use film makers from the respective areas. 


Here you can find a small selection of current films that I was commissioned by the Kommunikationslotsen® to produce with their customers, among others, Telekom Deutschland

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