Agile and Creative Methods

I also like to apply methods from the agile and creative world. Why agile? Why creative? Customer orientation and flexibility have the highest priority for new developments! The market and needs change rapidly.


Depending on the situation, support for teams and projects can easily be combined with a Scrum process. Scrum relies on high adaptability and interactive work with feedback loops. For complex products and projects, the development team is equipped and supported with a high degree of personal responsibility, decision-making freedom and respectful, binding communication. I have been a certified Scrum Master since 2019. 

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is an approach to the creative development of new ideas and products. In an explorative process, people from different disciplines find out what potential users need and what can win them over.  The prerequisite is to get fully involved in the change of perspective and to test “the product” iteratively: to adapt it, to fail in between, to adapt it again and finally to come to a more valuable product/result for all sides. I’ve been using Design Thinking mostly before project launches since 2019, but also apply it to other situations. 

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