Christine von Fragstein

Change Animal®
Facilitator and Process Supporter 

for individuals, teams and projects 
in the creative industries

For more ease and fair play in the creative industries.

"facilitare" means to facilitate, encourage and embolden and that is my calling.
Trust in yourself. Trust in your process. Trust in your team.


You're looking for someone who

- accompanies you and your team during Team Building, strategic meetings or in crises in a facilitative manner, so that all team members can pull together in confidence?

- supports you and your team in implementing a Major Project persistently and efficiently?
- supports you as a leader in a
1:1 Coaching with the right questions and methods for a change of perspective?

- and not only in face-to-face events but also in virtual space?


I am a facilitator and process supporter and have developed and rolled out 15 major international projects and more than 500 cultural events in the cultural industries. Among others, they include the Berlinale, the Zurich Film Festival, RUHR.2010, FIFA and the DFB Kulturstiftung.


I carefully scrutinize your processes and teams. With methods based in facilitation and systemic consulting, we unleash your full potential. Together, we find new ways, structures and visions to achieve your goals.

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